With a sheer obsession to create an extraordinary sonic experience for all, Hardcore sensation Bodyshock has developed from fast-rising talent to one of the industry’s most solidly cemented acts. Boasting over a decade of production experience, this hit-making machine has built his career on the foundations of passion, intensity and hard work, which manifest through his hard-hitting discography and remarkable DJ sets.

Music-wise, Hardcore-heads have fallen in love with releases such as his second album’s title track “Riot & Rise,” “Blood For Blood’ with Angerfist ft. Tha Watcher, “Wild Sparks” with Re-Style ft. Nolz, “Legacy” ft. MC Jeff (Masters of Hardcore 2015 anthem) and “The Storm” ft. Tha Watcher (Masters of Hardcore Russia 2016 anthem). Being no stranger to performing on Hardcore’s most reputable stages, Bodyshock has conquered crowds of thousands at Masters of Hardcore, The Qontinent, Intents Festival, Q-BASE, Syndicate, Nature One, Harmony of Hardcore and Dominator, where in 2017 he presented his album ‘Riot & Rise’ during an exclusive mainstage takeover!

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